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A Fountain Can Be a Work of Art

Rethink your idea of a fountain by investing in equipment from RingTru Fountain Spray Rings. We provide you with supplies that help you create fountains that are distinctive. Both standard and custom fountain spray rings are available based on your specific requests. We have 25 years of experience, so you are assured of receiving products that help you do first-class workmanship for your customers. In addition to our fountain spray rings, we also manufacture quality wine cast covers.


Spring Forth and Impress

Our equipment is durable and versatile, so it is designed for use in all types of fountains. All fountain spray rings and spray bars are manufactured from schedule 80 thick wall PVC and a variety of brass nozzles are available. If you do not have the experience or skills to install the equipment, we offer fountain building and fountain spray ring installation. Fountain spray rings include the following features:

  • Proprietary Heat Shaping (Spray Rings Are Not Pressure Shaped)
  • Standard Rings Are Equipped with 1/8" Composite Two-Piece, 30 Degree, Adjustable Nozzles
  • Nozzles Are Drilled, Tapped, and Threaded into Spray Rings
  • Standard Nozzle Spacing Is 5" O.C. (Specify More or Fewer Nozzles Desired)
  • Standard 3/4" Barbed Supply Ports
  • Standard Silver, Black, or Copper Finish Color
  • All Sizes Available, All Diameters Are O.D.
  • Optional Threaded Legs Available
  • Optional Hard Supply Ports Available
  • Optional Additional 1/4", 1/8", 1/16" Composite Nozzles Available
  • Custom Color Matching Available
  • Custom Fountain Spray Ring Design and Water Features Available