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Wine Needs Time to Ferment

No matter what the size of your winery, you know that you need the proper equipment to create a flavorful product. Protect your wine during the fermentation process with accessories from RingTru Fountain Spray Rings. We put the same attention to detail into wine cast covers as we do with our fountain spray rings. You receive quality supplies that properly cover open top fermentation tanks and other vessels.

Custom Wine Cast Covers

Safeguard your product from the start with supplies from our inventory. In conjunction with Custom Covers of Santa Rosa, California, we manufacture the correctly sized lightweight and washable covers to fit your open-top fermentation vessels, barrels, and casts. Any diameter size is available, even for rectangular and square containers. No longer will you have to struggle with plywood or tarps to cover your fermentation vessels. Due to the material we use, we make it easy for you to manage your open-top containers. 

Built to Last

The wine cast covers we manufacture for you are built to last. We use durable 800 Denier nylon and a rigid frame. Integral tie-down loops make sure that the cover stays in place. If you prefer, you can remove the cover from the rigid frame for more versatility. Since they're washable, it's easy to maintain your fermentation covers.

Custom Covers For Open Top Fermentation Tanks.

RingTru™—In Cooperatinon with Custom Covers of Santa Rosa, CA—can manufacture the correctly sized, light weight, washable cover to fit your open top vessels.

Now you can easily manage your open top, fermentation vessels, barrels and casts—any diameter size, rectangular and square containers too! No more plywood or tarps to contend with:

Durable 800 DNR Nylon | Rigid frame | Integral Tie down loops
Wine Covers are removable from the rigid frame | Frermentation covers are washable